Linguistic and Communicative Modelling in the theatrical interview Genre

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University Alba Julia, Romania
ENG: We consider the interview genre to be a kind of dialogic interaction, in which all participants of the interview can take an active part in the discourse construction. The theatrical interview enables the joint activity of a group of communicants to be presented on the pages of a periodical press, who have decided on the form, structure, and content. The authors and participants of the dialog set the time and space limits of the expressions; the speech moves of the respondents. The journalist adds to, summarises, or adjusts the answers, regulates the process of alternation of the cues, and actively influences the processes of topical control. Dialogue encourages communicants to select the set of expressions that most effectively represent intentions and communicative purpose. All of this makes it necessary to develop the right strategy - employing tactics that include the influence of various factors, reducing communicative noises by exploiting the necessary language potential, stylistics, variability of communicative models and social roles, syntax, and modal elements, etc. By strategy in the genre of the theatrical interview, we mean the most effective implementation of the intentions of the speaker, which takes into account the personal (status-role and psychological) characteristics of the communicants. These intentions are focused on achieving a specific purpose of communication, dictated by communicative experience - all this subordinates the participants in the interview to the laws and norms of the appropriate (in the study of the theatre) sphere of communication and modelled conversation situation. It should be noted that the system of tactics of the theatrical interview genre is not limited by the above-mentioned parameters and is an open, constantly updated system. It provides an interesting discursive framing of the thought, programming the broad cultural context of the globalised theatrical epoch of Ukraine.
theatre, communication, speaker, communication strategy, journalist, interviewer, КФП
Galats`ka V., Filipenko V., Davydenko I., Temchenko L., Kutsenko L. Linguistic and Communicative Modelling in the Theatrical Interview Genre : [preprint]. Journal of Linguistic and Intercultural EducationVolume. 2022. Vol. 15, Iss. 2. P. 101 – 105. DOI: 10.29302/jolie.2022.2.8.