Проектування ІТ бізнес моделі на основі безсерверних сервисів

UKR: Розвиток інформаційних технологій в бізнесі тягне за собою широке застосування хмарних обчислень: зберігання і обробку даних на стороні компанії, яка надає відповідні Інтернет-сервіси. Тому актуальною є задача дослідження і проектування ІТ бізнес моделі на основі безсерверніх сервісів, що дозволяє забезпечити доступність для користувачів, зниження витрат на обслуговування віртуальної інфраструктури. У роботі розроблена система з використанням AWS, яка призначена для розробки, проектування та модернізації сучасних «локальних» бізнес моделей, задля підвищення ефективності та економії ресурсів.
ENG: The last researches and publications analysis. Cloud technologies are rapidly deploying in the information technology market due to the virtualization of the hardware environment and the desire of businesses to become more mobile. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud environment that has low advantages: it does not limit the number of I / O operations per second (IOPS) by partition size. The AWS relational database service supports managed databases for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle and MS SQL as part of its RDS offering. AWS has its own databases compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, which have performance like Oracle, but are available for a small fee. Azure is a mature cloud platform with a wide range of features that can be the best platform for customers who somehow already use the products. Microsoft. Although Azure supports a number of services based on open source products, Microsoft's portfolio in the cloud is what sets it apart from the competition. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has the smallest market share among public cloud computing providers In terms of computing, Google has the fewest types of virtual machines (28 types of instances in 4 categories), but nevertheless, GCP allows users to create their own custom dimensions (processor, memory) so that customers can compare the size of their cloud loads with their size at the previous stage. The aim of the research. Creating a modern business model using server-free services and researching approaches to its development using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The main research material. The paper develops a contextual model of creating an online store according to the methodology IDEF0 (methodology of functional modeling and graphical notation, designed to formalize and describe business processes), which describes the main stages of creating an online store. Developed Use Case (use case), which determines the requirements of the user, the interaction of individual parts (modules) of systems, describes the interaction of people and companies in real life. At the design stage, a diagram of activities is developed, which reflects the order of action of objects in time and the presentation of temporal features of transmission and reception of messages between objects. The IT business model is implemented in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and with the help of IntelliJ IDEA, PostgreSQL, Spring boot, Hibernate, Thymeleaf, CUBA platform, AWS technologies. Conclusions. The article presents a comparative analysis of the use cloud technologies. Based on the analysis of model design approaches, a conclusion was made about the feasibility of using AWS in the development of applications using server-free services to ensure scalability and adaptability. Developed a system using AWS, which is designed to develop, design and upgrade modern "local" business models, to increase efficiency and save resources, as an example, developed an online store.
Вік. В. Гнатушенко: ORCID 0000-0001-5304-4144; В. Царик: ORCID 0000-0001- 6449-8037
AMAZON WEB SERVICES, модель, проектування, КІТС
Гнатушенко Вік. В., Руденко В. П., Царик В. Ю. Проектування ІТ бізнес моделі на основі безсерверних сервисів. Системні технології. Дніпро, 2021. Т. 5. № 136. С. 70–80. DOI: 10.34185/1562-9945-5-136-2021-07.