Results of the Experimental Research of the Heat-Transfer Jet Pressure to the Rock Surface During Thermal Reaming of the Borehole

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НТУ « Дніпровська політехніка»
EN: Abstract. The performed analysis of scientific sources confirms the existence of a small number of publications devoted to the experimental research of the gasdynamics and plasmodynamics of jets used as a heattransfer medium in the thermal methods of mine rocks destruction. There are almost no experimental and theoretical publications related to the multiple-jet plasmotrons research. The expediency of own experimental researches performing has been substantiated concerning the lateral inflow of heat-transfer medium high-speed jets on the borehole surface. An experimental research has been made of the interaction between the heattransfer medium high-speed jets and the surface of the borehole imitated by the through duct. The further prospects of this work are the following: to determine the gas velocity along the lateral surface of the through duct and the value of the heating capacity coefficient from the heat-transfer medium to the lateral surface of the through duct, which imitates the rock surface in the borehole. These parameters are required for creating a mathematical model of the brittle destruction of rocks.
O. Zhevzhyk: ORCID 0000-0002-8938-9301, М. Zhovtonoha: ORCID 0000-0003-2960-735
results of the experimental, research, thermal reaming, borehole, результати експерименту, дослідження, термічне розширення, свердловина, результаты эксперимента, исследования, термическое расширение, скважина, КОІО, КТ
Results of the experimental research of the heat-transfer jet pressure to the rock surface during thermal reaming of the borehole [Electronic resource] / O. I. Voloshyn, I. Yu. Potapchuk, O. V. Zhevzhyk, M. M. Zhovtonoha // E3S Web of Conferences. – 2018. – Vol. 60 : USME 2018: Ukrainian School of Mining Engineering, Berdiansk, Ukraine; Sept. 4–8, 2018. – Access Mode: (13.12.2018). – Title from the screen. – doi: 10.1051/e3sconf/20186000024.