The Formation of Emotional Stability of Students in Physical Education

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SPC «InterConf».,Epi, Orléans
ENG: One of the directions for improving the training of future specialists in higher education institutions is the formation of professionally relevant personality characteristics. Emotional stability is one of these characteristics. Physical education and sport are one of the few spheres of life of modern students in which this issue can be effectively resolved. The authors provide data on the positive impact of specially organized physical education classes on the formation of such emotional stability in students.
V. Pichurin: ORCID 0000-0002-3893-375X
emotional stability, personality factors, students, physical education, КФВ
Pichurin V., Umerenko V., Dutko T. The Formation of Emotional Stability of Students in Physical Education. Current Issues and Prospects for The Development of Scientific Research. № 32 (151) : Proc. of the 7th Intern. Sci. and Practical Conf., (April 19-20, 2023, Orléans, France). Orléans, 2023. P. 706–712. DOI: 10.51582/interconf.19-20.04.2023.075.