Computer System for Mechanisms Diagnosis

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Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies, Dnipro
ENG: The computer system proposed in this work is aimed at solving the problem of automating a comprehensive assessment of the technical functioning of mechanisms. The system’s computational equipment have the minimum necessary computing requirements. No additional paid software is required for installation. Unlike existing systems, the proposed one has a moderate cost. For the majority of industrial enterprises, this factor is crucial when choosing the most beneficial computer system. In addition, the developed system is simple and comfortable to use. Thus, the system has an intuitive and intelligible interface for the operator, which allows the operator to quickly familiarize themselves with it and put it to use immediately; the system monitors the correctness entries in the electronic history - it corrects basic fields that are not properly indicated (repair data, repair requests, part price, etc.). The system has the ability to add individual templates for a specific unit. Unlike existing systems, the proposed system is multifunctional.
V. Ivashchenko: ORCID 0000-0001-5195-2552; G. Shvachych: ORCID 0000-0002-9439-5511
computer system, system window, software, equipment, diagnostics, КПМ та ОТ
Ivashchenko V., Shvachych G., Sushko L. Computer System for Mechanisms Diagnosis. Information Тechnologies in Metallurgy and Machine building – ITMM 2022 : Materials of Scie. and Techn. Intern. Conf. (Dnipro, 18 May, 2022). Dnipro, 2022. P. 194–198. DOI: 10.34185/1991-7848.itmm.2022.01.036.