Health, Safety & Environmental Management Systems

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Talcom, Kyiv
ENG: Materials of scientific and practical research within the framework of the implementation of the project of the program of the European Union Erasmus+ «Crisis and Risks Engineering for Transport Services» (CRENG) are presented in the monograph. Issues of the impact of crisis situations on the work of transport enterprises and ways to increase the efficiency of the functioning of transport and logistics systems in conditions of crises and risks are considered. The publication is intended for scientific and pedagogical workers, graduate students and students of higher education, as well as managers and specialists of industrial enterprises and business structures, who are interested in the current state and prospects of the development of scientific research.
program of the European Union Erasmus+, crisis and risks engineering, transport services, transport and logistics systems, КЕМ
Samsonkin V., Meredova M., Halmamedov H., Yurchenko O. Health, Safety & Environmental Management Systems. Crisis and Risks Engineering for Transport Services: collective monograph / edit. N. Chernova, K. Lewczuk. Kyiv : Talcom, 2022. С. 161–178. Text Fragment.