Adaptation of Ukrainian Grain Elevators for Unit Train Loading

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Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania
ENG: The aim of the paper is to improve approaches to the design and operation of private sidings of grain elevators for loading of unit trains. The research is based on the methods of organizing of railway operation. One of the main methods of reducing costs in the logistics chain, which provides for the export of grain cargoes is the using of unit train technology for transportation. Introduction of this technology in Ukraine is limited by the low loading capacity of elevators. In the paper the basic schemes of track development of elevator private sidings and analyzes the use of different technical means for performing shunting operations are presented. The results of the performed research can be used for designing and reconstruction of the existing elevators and for building the new ones, as well as for estimating the costs associated with different logistic schemes for grain delivery to seaports. As result the work develops a methodology and obtains a technical-operational assessment of the technical equipment and the operation technology grain elevator private sidings for loading of unit trains.
D. Kozachenko: 0000-0003-2611-1350; V. Bobrovskyi: ORCID 0000-0001-8622-2920; O. Ochkasov: ORCID 0000-0002-7719-7214; A. Shepotenko: 0000-0003-4349-1674; Yu. Hermaniuk: ORCID 0000-0002-4905-8313
railway transport, grain elevator, grain transportation, unit train, private sidings, КУЕР, КЛ, КТТ (ЛФ), КТВ
Adaptation of Ukrainian Grain Elevators for Unit Train Loading / D. Kozachenko, V. Bobrovsky, O. Ochkasov, A. Shepotenko, Yu. Hermaniuk // Intelligent Technologies in Logistics and Mechatronics Systems (ITELMS’2018) : The 12th International Scientific Conference, 27–28 April 2018, Panevėžys, Lithuania / Kaunas University of Technology. – Panevezys, 2018. – P. 125–133. A fragment of the text.