Evaluation of Effectiveness of Piggyback Traffic within the National Network of International Transport Corridors of Ukraine

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Publishing House of University of Technology, Katowice
ENG: The increasing role of education and science in modern society has caused changes in its understanding. Modern education becomes a condition for the country's development, a guarantor of its security, determines the level of the economy. Thus, education and science for sustainable development must function as a direct generator of new socio-economic life and produce social, environmental, and economic changes towards sustainable development. In addition, one of the main tools for sustainable development should be the close interaction of education with science. Therefore, the problem of supporting the development of education and science is deeply social and is one of the priorities of social development, which is directly related to the system of national interests, improving the quality of life and national security. The monographic research presents the scientific works of the team of authors that reveal different directions and aspects of science and education in providing sustainable development. These are: 1) Financial and Economic Principles of Sustainable Development; 2) Innovative and Information Technologies in Education: Applied Aspects; 3) Socio-Humanitarian Aspects of Sustainable Development; 4) Technical Solutions to Ensure Sustainable Development. The third section of the monograph "Socio-Humanitarian Aspects of Sustainable Development" looks at the environmental, linguistic, psychological, cultural, and art-therapeutic aspects of the development of society. The team of authors hopes that the monograph contains useful research results that are relevant for scientists, students and anyone interested in various aspects of education and science, given their significance in various areas of public life.
M. Muzykin: ORCID 0000-0003-2938-7061; H. Nesterenko: ORCID 0000-0003-1629-0201; A. Kuzmenko: ORCID 0000-0001-7278-3647
education and science, sustainable development, socio-humanitarian aspects of sustainable development, research results, КУЕР, КІТ
Muzykin M., Nesterenko H., Kuzmenko A. Evaluation of Effectiveness of Piggyback Traffic within the National Network of International Transport Corridors of Ukraine. Science and Education for Sustainable Development : monograph / ed. by A. Ostenda, V. Smachylo. Katowice: University of Technology, 2022. § 3.4. Р. 753–762. DOI: 10.54264/M005.