Structural Formation Regularity of Cu-Sn-Si System Low-Tin «Singing» Bronze

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Baltija Publishing
ENG: Based on the task of acoustic bronzes containing about 20%Sn cost reducing, the aim of economically alloyed bronze composition with expensive tin replacement by silicon developing has been formulated in the present work. Three-component system Cu-Sn-Si bronzes structure formation has been studied and conodes triangle copper corner alloys phase transformations regularities were determined. It was established that in Cu-Sn-Si system alloys with Si content more than 4wt.%, original β-phase is stabilized by silicon and in solid state does not undergo low-temperature eutectoid transformations with small (up to 4wt.%) tin amount in bronze. It is shown that this «singing» bronze structural state is the basis for two systems of structural stresses in castings body existence, which act as acoustic resonators in products material. These systems are: α-Cu solid solution liquated areas of different genesis and interphase boundary α-Cu↔β-Cu5Sn, which causes occurrence of II type internal structural stresses between α-Cu and chemical compound Cu5Sn, which are fundamentally dissimilar in nature. For the first time, with comprehensive using of scanning electron microscopic, X-ray spectral, energy dispersive, X-ray structural phase and metallographic studies of Cu-Sn-Si alloys with optimized composition (silicon 4.5...5.5% by mass and tin 2...5% by mass at mass ratio Si/Sn≥1), tin-silicon bronzes with main components optimal ratio structural formation regularities are established. New bronze for bells and percussion musical instruments in terms of strength and impact toughness exceeds «classical» bell bronze indicators by~1.5...2.5 times with comparable relative elongation values. This evidences that, compared to «classic» bell bronze, elaborated cast bronze products with developed optimal chemical composition are characterized by greater reliability and durability during operation within its application specified area. Present work innovative solutions on methods of making musical bronze, obtaining bronze castings and making bells and percussion musical instruments acoustic elements are covered by intellectual property protection documents.
K. Uzlov: ORCID 0000-0003-0744-9890; V. Mazorchuk: ORCID 0000-0002-8512-0727
acoustic bronzes, three-component system Cu-Sn-Si, phase transformations, structural formation, chemical compound, bells and percussion musical instruments, innovative solutions, КМТОМ, КЛВ
Uzlov K. I., Mazorchuk V. F., Dziubina A. V. Structural Formation Regularity of Cu-Sn-Si System Low-Tin «Singing» Bronze. Achievements of Ukraine and EU Countries in Technological Innovations and Invention : scientific monograph. Riga, Latvia : Baltija Publishing, 2022. P. 466–487. DOI: