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    Investigation of Dynamic Processes of Rolling Stock–Track Interaction: Experimental Realization
    (MDPI, 2023) Bondarenko, Iryna; Lukoševičius, Vaidas; Keršys, Robertas; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: The dynamic process of the railway track–rolling stock interaction is characterized by timedependent dynamics that are determined by both the varying characteristics of the interaction objects and the varying climatic conditions. This study investigated the effect of different groups of influence on the dynamic process, with a view towards the reduction of the cases of randomness during the registration of the process in experiments and an expansion of the understanding of the processes happening during the assessment of the registered data. The static nature of the rolling stock has been demonstrated to be not uniform and to influence the scattering of dynamic values under the variation of vertical and horizontal forces due to the characteristics of a rolling stock. The position of the rolling stock truck relative to the track axis during the movement of the rolling stock has been shown to enhance static non-uniformity. The results of the longitudinal force measurements under the three-point and Schlumpf methods have suggested that it is necessary to investigate the process of rail warping under the action of the rolling stock wheels. To enhance the output of the experiments, it is proposed to consider not only the stiffness of the basis of the oscillatory processes that imitate the physical process of oscillation of the system elements by means of the oscillation amplitude, but also the time of response to the oscillation process by using and assessing the triggering time rather than the frequencies of the oscillation processes.
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    Influence of the Instability form on the Traffic Safety of Freight Rolling Stock
    (Mersin University Geomatics Engineering Department, Türkiye, 2023) Shvets, Angela O.
    ENG: The purpose of the paper is a theoretical study of the influence of longitudinal forces of a quasi-static nature and the instability form of freight wagons in a train on the wheel derailment stability. Knowledge of the laws of train movement under various control modes is necessary when programming the equations of train movement when it is necessary to determine the exact position of the train on the railway track and the stability of the wagons at the time of interest. As a result of theoretical studies, the values of the factor of stability against lift by longitudinal forces were obtained, taking into account the forms of instability. The relevance of this study relates to the need to control the longitudinal forces arising during the train movement, taking into account the increase in speeds, masses, and lengths of trains (especially freight trains) and the locomotive power increase.
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    Визначення форми втрати стійкості вантажних вагонів з урахуванням зазору в рейковій колії
    (Київський національний університет будівництва і архітектури, Київ, 2022) Швець, Анжела Олександрівна
    UKR: Досліджується вплив поздовжніх квазістатичних стискаючих сил на форму втрати стійкості вантажних вагонів. Актуальність цього дослідження пов’язана з необхідністю контролювати величину поздовжньої сили. Наведена методика дозволить підвищити стійкість вантажного рухомого складу, обґрунтовувати причину сходу колісних пар, а також розробляти та реалізовувати технічні заходи направлені на запобігання витискання екіпажів, розпору та зсуву колії.
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    Stability of a Car as a Hinged-Rod System under the Action of Compressive Longitudinal Forces in a Train
    (Jomard Publishing, 2022) Shvets, Anzhela
    ENG: The work is aimed to study the influence of longitudinal quasi-static compressive forces arising during stationary modes of train movement on the form of freight cars’ instability. The relevance of this study relates to the need to control the longitudinal forces arising during the train movement, taking into account the increase in speeds, masses and lengths of trains, especially freight trains, by in the locomotives power increase. The use of the above methodology will improve the stability of freight rolling stock, justify the cause of derailment, as well as develop and put into practice technical measures to prevent the lift of the carriages, widening and shear of the track.
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    Simulation of Braking Processes in Freight Trains
    (KTU leidykla „Technologija“, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2022) Ursulyak, Liudmyla V.; Zheleznov, Konstantine I.
    ENG: The article presents the results of theoretical research of the processes occurring in the brake cylinders of freight wagons in trains of different lengths. A detailed analysis of the real time dependences of the forces of pressing the brake pads on the wheel for various braking methods (adjustment, full service and emergency braking), which were obtained during experiments with freight trains of different lengths, was carried out. Based on the analysis performed, approximating expressions for brake pad pressure diagrams on the wheel are proposed, which can be used to estimate the longitudinal dynamics of trains using mathematical modeling in real or accelerated time. The above dependencies are especially relevant when a train is controlled using a special onboard computer system. In this case, it is necessary to quickly estimate to what results, from the point of view of traffic safety and achievement of the control goal, the implemented control modes will lead to.
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    Using Detailing Concept to Assess Railway Functional Safety
    (MDPI, 2023) Bondarenko, Iryna; Campisi, Tiziana; Tesoriere, Giovanni; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: The ability to assess the risks of the functional safety of railway tracks allows harmonizing characteristics of track elements under certain operating conditions under certain maintenance for the efficient use of the track structure throughout its life cycle. The concept of detailing conditions of the interaction of the rolling stock and railway track was used for the productive solution of tasks of infrastructure functional safety assessment. The paper formed an approach to the analytical solution of determination problems of deformability parameters over time using the elastic waves theory. The formation method of interconnections between the technical and economic aspects of the operation of railway infrastructure was proposed. The criteria of deformability work and intensity of use were utilized for the effective use of the track structure through its life cycle. The results of calculations are presented to assess changes in the deformability behaviour of the track elements and structure when the force and speed parameters of the operating conditions change, as well as the algorithm of the method for estimating the operation deformability of the railway track. Thus, the proposed approach can be adapted to optimize objects by railway functional safety assessment at the stage of object operation simulation.
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    Transportation Optimization of Homogeneous Freight in the Transport Systems
    (KTU leidykla „Technologija“, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2022) Babyak, Mykola O.; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: There are situations where, due to various circumstances, a large number of direct routes in the freight traffic running (which were traditionally used) can not satisfy transport users. Then there is a need to find new routes for the transportation of freight from departure points to destinations. The authors present an example to solve the transport task for the setting transportation routes in an extensive network, taking into account the specifics of transportation of homogeneous freights on concrete sections of railways. This allows optimizing the plan of transportation for homogeneous freightes in the transport systems. This is relevant for the development of new transport routes, especially in modern conditions.
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    Simulating the Operation of the Pantograph-type Current Collector
    (KTU leidykla „Technologija“, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2022) Babyak, Mykola O.; Kalivoda, Jan; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: The usage of electricity to increase the safety and environmental friendliness of transportation is a very important issue. The common feature in the work of different types of electric transport is the dependence on reliable contact with the conductor from which it receives power. The reliability of the constant movable contact between the conductor with current and electrical equipment depends on the precise operation of the pantograph complex mechanism. To simplify the planning calculations and approbation of structures, a pantograph model with two degrees of freedom is proposed. It gives an adequate description of the real system and improves the mathematical apparatus while calculating the forces and dynamic displacements of the pantograph mechanisms for electric transport.
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    The Role of Cold Ironing in Maritime Transport Emissions
    (AIP Conference Proceedings, 2022) Barberi, Salvatore; Campisi, Tiziana; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: Maritime Transport is one of the sources of atmospheric pollution, contributing with gaseous emissions mainly caused by marine engines and fossil fuel combustion, and characterized by the production of substances such as CO2, CO, NOx, SOx and PMx, harmful to the environment and human health. Cold Ironing, also known as Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) or Shoreside Supply, is one of the most relatively recent technologies designed to reduce emissions in the maritime industry: it consists in a three-parts system to connect shore-side located power sources, especially with renewable energies and smart grids, to on-board systems able to receive and store electricity, through intermediate connection devices that allow electricity to flow from the port into ships. This technology has been proved to bring financial and environmental benefits, considering also the rise in fuel costs; however, it is still facing some challenges in getting widespread worldwide, mainly due to retrofitting and upgrade costs. It will also require more specific policies and regulations involving stakeholders of different technical and geographical nature. Scientific research is however promising under all these aspects, as it is demonstrating significant reductions in terms of emissions and externalities.
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    Correlations Between Transportation and the Covid-19 Pandemic
    (AIP Conference Proceedings, 2022) Barberi, Salvatore; Arena, Fabio; Termine, Francesco; Canale, Antonino; Olayode, Isaac Oyeyemi; Neduzha, Larysa; Zuccalà, Yuri
    ENG: COVID pandemic has abruptly changed people habits and lifestyles worldwide, including the usage and perception towards all the different transportation systems; to this date (mid-2021), the pandemic has been going on for over a year now, and there is still no certainty about when it will end. A drastic decline in the number of commercial flights both national and international has happened, as a consequence of the lockdown policies adopted by the various countries around the globe in order to prevent the infection from spreading around, and with variable trends depending on the period and the reciprocal agreements between the various states. Land-side public transportation too has witnessed a backlash mainly due to similar policies or even not leaving home during lockdowns, often working remotely from home, and switching from public transportation to driving, walking or cycling if necessary. COVID-19 and transport are linked by a two-way relationship: if it is true that COVID-19 impacts on transport systems, it is also true that transport systems, in turn, have a very important role in the spread of the pandemic. Swabs first and vaccines recently, are raising new hopes about the pandemic ending soon. The consequences of COVID-19 will in any case be significant, and will revolutionize the way of conceiving transport, meaning new challenges for scientific research.
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    Analysis of Problem Related to Experimental Data Processing in the Study of the Rolling Stock Influence on the Track
    (KTU leidykla „Technologija“, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2022) Bondarenko, Iryna; Keršys, Robertas; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: In paper discusses the problem of the correctness of the unification of experimental data by axes and points of measurement. The purpose of the study is to analyse experimental data in the study of the influence of the rolling stock on the railway track associated with the change of the nature and ratio of values of forces and stresses when combining data. Experimental data obtained from the study of the influence of Tulpar Talgo on the railway track were considered. The main feature is the construction of a trolley having one wheel instead of two, which makes it possible to show the nature of changes in stresses and forces when grouping data. This made it possible to assess the correctness of the unification in terms of the nature of the force ratio for the passage of rolling stock in the study area.
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    Dynamic Sustainable Processes Simulation to Study Transport Object Efficiency
    (MDPI, Basel, Switzerland, 2022) Bondarenko, Iryna; Severino, Alessandro; Olayode, Isaac Oyeyemi; Campisi, Tiziana; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: The development of reliability theory has led to the setting of tasks requiring consideration of the efficiency and functional safety of technical objects of transport over the life cycle. The paper demonstrates the possibility of using the universal laws of elastic wave theory to describe natural phenomena occurring in complex dynamic systems, on the examples of solving issues arising in the interaction of rolling stock and the railway track. The accounting of the time component and the ability of elastic waves to propagate energy in time and space allowed considering any interaction process as a chain of processes, incidence-reflection-refraction of force impulses of interaction. Understanding the physics of dynamic processes that occur in objects while performing their intended functions allows developers to improve objects in such a way as to minimize their life cycle cost and maximize their ability to perform their intended functions under different operating conditions. In addition, it allows the expansion of existing methods and approaches to diagnostics of dynamic transport systems. All this is a base for making it possible to develop an innovative and effective tool for engineers and scientists to assess the impact of technosphere transport objects on human habitats.
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    Дослідження міцності автозчеплення при нецентральній взаємодії вагонів
    (Інститут проблем міцності ім. Г.С.Писаренка НАН України, 2022) Швець, Анжела Олександрівна
    UKR: Визначено міцність автозчепного пристрою при дії на нього експлуатаційних навантажень з урахуванням нецентральної взаємодії двох вагонів. При передачі поздовжнього зусилля через автозчеплення точками його можливого повороту можуть бути або верхні ребра торцевої поверхні хвостовика, або верхнє ребро опорної поверхні корпусу поглинаючого апарата. Хвостова частина автозчеплення знаходиться в умовах позацентрового стиснення (або розтягування) зусиллям, що є непаралельним відносно поздовжньої осі. Через довільний поперечний переріз хвостовика передаються поперечна та поздовжня сили, прикладені в точці, віддаленій від центра ваги перерізу. Користуючись принципом складання дії сил, отримано залежність для визначення максимальних нормальних напружень у крайніх волокнах аналізованого перетину хвостовика автозчеплення, найбільш віддалених від головної осі інерції. Обґрунтовано пошкодження зони перемички хвостовика автозчеплення та вигин хвостовика в горизонтальній і вертикальній площині, який виникає у процесі експлуатації. Методика розрахунку дозволяє дослідити вплив ексцентриситетів прикладання поздовжньої сили відносно осі автозчеплення та різниці рівнів осей зчеплених автозчепних пристроїв в аналізованих перетинах на величину стискальних експлуатаційних навантажень. Застосування отриманих результатів сприятиме не тільки забезпеченню міцності автозчепних пристроїв, а й стійкості вантажних вагонів в умовах збільшення ваги поїздів та підвищення швидкості їх руху.
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    Predictive Model of Risks in Railroad Transport when Diagnosing Axle Boxes of Freight Wagons (preiew)
    (SAGE Publishing, 2022) Muradian, Leontii A.; Pitsenko, Iryna; Shaposhnyk, Vladyslav Yu.; Shvets, Angela O.; Shvets, Anzhelika O.
    ENG: The research is aimed at developing a predictive model of the risks in railroad transport when using diagnostics of the axle boxes of freight wagons, which will allow assessing traffic safety during the operation of freight wagons. To develop a predictive model of the risks in railroad transport, the approaches of the probability theory were used. The constructed predictive model of the risks makes it possible to assess traffic safety during freight transportations; to determine further measures to reduce them; to evaluate the diagnostic method. The authors developed a predictive model of the risks in railroad transport when using the diagnostic methods of freight wagons’ axle boxes during maintenance and repair of axle box. This model includes the probability of failure-free operation of the axle boxes of freight wagons, the probability of identifying of the technical condition of the axle boxes of freight wagons, the significance of the diagnostic parameter and its relative assessment after appropriate maintenance, repair or technical control.
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    Simulator for Training Mining Locomotive Drivers
    (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, 2022) Аkulov, Artem S.; Zhelieznov, Konstantine I.; Zabolotnyi, Oleksandr M.; Chabaniuk, Eugene V.; Shvets, Angela O.
    ENG: Training of mining locomotive drivers using simulators will increase the efficiency and intensity of training. Due to this, a decrease in financial and time expenditures for training a driver, an increase in the safety and productivity of his labour will be achieved. The number of errors in the work and damage to equipment, which are sometimes caused by the driver's inexperience will be reduced. The mining train driver's simulator is manufactured as an autonomous training tool with the trainee immersion in a virtual environment that is as close as possible to a real working environment and is a training complex consisting of hardware and software. The software simulates the operation of all locomotive systems, mining sidings infrastructure and an interactive 3D panorama of the environment. In the driver's cabin of a mining locomotive, a real working environment is reproduced, control, alarm and indication elements of the locomotive, as well as other equipment of a real cabin necessary for performing all technological operations are located. Training complexes will never replace real experience in the workplace, but they can quickly increase the qualifications of trainees, develop in them the skills of acting in non-standard and emergency situations, which is extremely difficult in real work conditions.
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    Running Dynamics of Rail Vehicles
    (MDPI, Basel, Switzerland, 2022) Kalivoda, Jan; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: The investigation of rail vehicle running dynamics plays an important role in the more than 200 year development of railway vehicles and infrastructure. Currently, there are a number of new requirements for rail transport associated with the reduced environmental impact, energy consumption and wear, whilst increasing train speed and passenger comfort. Therefore, the running dynamics of rail vehicles is still a research topic that requires improved simulation tools and experimental procedures.
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    Investigation of Coupling Strength at Non-Central Interaction of Railcars
    (Springer, US, 2022) Shvets, Angela O.
    ENG: The strength of the coupling device under the action of operating loads with regard to the non-central interaction of two cars is defined. When longitudinal force is transmitted through the coupler, the points of its possible rotation can be either the upper ribs of the shank end surface or the upper ribs of the damping device body support surface. The tail part of the coupler is under conditions of eccentric compression (or tension) by the force, which is non-parallel to the longitudinal axis. Through any cross-section of the shank, transverse and longitudinal forces are transmitted, applied at a point far from the center of gravity of the section. Using the principle of addition of forces action, a dependence for the definition of the maximum normal stresses in the extreme fibers of the analyzed section of the shank of the coupler, the most distant from the main axis of inertia, has been obtained. The damage to the area of the coupler shank jumper and the bending of the shank in the horizontal and vertical planes, which occur during operation, are justified. Calculation methods make it possible to study the influence of eccentricities of longitudinal force application relative to the coupler axis and the difference of coupler axis levels in the analyzed sections on the magnitude of the compressive operating loads. Application of the obtained results will not only help to ensure the strength of the coupling devices, but will also ensure the freight cars’ durability under conditions of increasing train weight and increasing train speed.
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    Дослідження форми втрати стійкості вантажного рухомого складу як системи пружних стержнів
    (ДП «ДОСЗТ», 2021) Швець, Анжела Олександрівна
    UKR: Теоретичні дослідження направлені на визначення форми втрати стійкості вантажного рухомого складу як системи пружних стержнів. Кузов із двома з’єднаними автозчіпними пристроями попереду та ззаду вантажного вагона розглядається як стиснений стержень із двома значно ослабленими перерізами у місцях з’єднання корпусу автозчеплення з рамою. Отримано аналітичні вирази для визначення критичної стискної сили для системи з двома ступенями свободи у разі абсолютної жорсткості стержнів.
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    Dynamic Interaction of a Freight Car Body and a Three-Piece Bogie During Axle Load Increase
    (Taylor & Francis, England, 2021) Shvets, Angela O.
    UKR: The article presents the results of theoretical studies of interaction process of a freight car body with a three-piece bogie, which are aimed at solving the relevant problem of increasing the permissible speeds at railways with 1520 mm track gauge under conditions of linear load increase on the wheel set axle. The purpose of the research was to propose such an approach to the study of interaction processes between rolling stock and track, taking into account the interaction model of neighbouring carriages in trains, which will allow more correctly take into account the dynamics of rolling stock and increase traffic safety. The oscillation frequencies of the body, bogie and wheel set are analysed in order to establish a possible resonance phenomenon. The article examines the longitudinal and transverse forces of pseudo-sliding (creeping) arising between the climbing wheel of the front bogie and the rails. The conducted studies can contribute to the replacement of 18-100 bogies with modernised three-piece bogies while maintaining the main most metal-consuming elements of the 18-100 model implementing some modernisation units. The results obtained will make it possible to revise the permissible vehicle speeds with an increased axle load.
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    Effective Jet-Grouting Application for Improving the State of Deformation of Landmarks
    (MDPI, 2022) Severino, Alessandro; Wahrhaftig, Alexandre de Macêdo; Tiutkin, Oleksii L.; Gubashova, Valentyna; Neduzha, Larysa
    ENG: The problem of improving the state of deformation of landmarks is an important aspect when performing civil services, because they have a historical interest and bring symbolisms which relate to an event of particular interest for the community. The engineering–geological surveys, technical evaluation and operational suitability of landmarks of national significance are performed to improve the state of deformation. The conducted analytical assessment of landslide hazard slope stability in the RocScience Slide computational complex shows that in the presence of landslide prevention works, and the stability coefficient is increased by a factor of 1.21–1.37. The regularities of deformation and strength parameters of the soil–cement obtained during the jet-grouting application indicated an increase in strength gain of amplifier elements by an average of 1.6–4.0 times. This proves the effectiveness of the jet-grouting application for improving the state of deformation of landmarks of national significance.